Our Eco Mission


With landfill sites overflowing across the country, we have made it our mission to have as little waste as possible. We ensure every order is made bespoke and therefore no fabric or components are left unused. We believe our items are an investment and therefore achieve a high level of craftsmanship throughout the manufacture process to make sure we supply items that are designed with longevity in mind. Each item should become a loved addition of it’s home that gets used and used again. This made-to-order process allows us to only order materials that are needed.


We believe British is best! In a country where engineering was champion across the globe, we strive to keep our manufacturing roots by manufacturing all our products in our very own workrooms. Our team of seamstresses lovingly craft each item to order so we can keep our art of furnishings close to home. Having our own workrooms allows us to keep on top of every order to ensure a flawless finish to each item. Our small-scale manufacturing industry is helping our large-scale climate crisis.


We’ve even made our cushion inners from the eco-friendliest option currently available – Wool. Not only does it provide a full and luxurious plump to your cushion, but it is hypo-allergenic and sustainable.